Natural Color Silky Straight I Tip Hair Extension

$68.00 – $128.00


The benefits of I tip hair extensions,

I Tip Hair Extensions have many advantages over other types of extensions such as tape-in and clip-ins.

Firstly, they are very lightweight which makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort.

Secondly, they blend seamlessly into natural hair due to their pre-tipped ends making them virtually undetectable.

Thirdly, they require minimal maintenance since there’s no glue or tape involved. Finally, they are affordably priced compared to other types of extensions.

Overall, I Tip Hair Extensions provide great value for money.


Pack Size:

  • Each bundle contains 100 strands with a grand total of 90/100g (each strand is about 1g).
  • One bundle is suitable for adding a small amount of length and volume for fine-haired beauties.
  • Two bundles are recommended for those with medium to thick hair, or for anyone wanting more volume.
  • Three bundles are ideal for creating a full and voluminous look!